“There’s no marketing plan that can do what only God can do and put the songs in people’s hearts”

A Texas native, Chris Tomlin’s music of choice while growing up was country. Then, while recovering from mono, Chris’ father gave him his first guitar and he began branching out from just the honky-tonk he had been interested in.Chris enrolled in college thinking he’d ultimately pursue a career in physical therapy. Of course, God had other plans. After earning a degree in psychology, Chris became friends with Louie Giglio.

Louie is the founder of Passion – a movement designed to create an awakening on college campuses. Responding to his friend’s invitation to be part of the first Passion worship event for college students in Austin, Texas – Chris found his life’s calling in leading worship.

Now, more than two decades after getting involved with Passion, Chris continues to bring us into God’s presence through his music.

“It’s the gift that God’s given me … it’s definitely God’s favor on the songs,” Chris says in regards to the impact his music has on people “There’s no marketing plan that can do what only God can do and put the songs in people’s hearts. The. beautiful thing of it is – the kind of songs I write aren’t about the artist. A lot of these songs, hopefully, become the people’s songs. Hopefully they become the soundtrack for their lives and their worship to God. That’s why I write them.”

Chris lives in the Atlanta, Georgia area with his wife, Lauren, and their two daughters. When not on tour, he leads worship at Passion City Church and participates in Passion Conferences.