“Everyone wants a home. A place where they can enter in and feel confident, feel like they can be themselves. For us that’s what the cross does. It allows us to enter into His presence. It allows us to come close knowing that we’re accepted, knowing that we are His.”

Cory Asbury developed a deep love for music and songwriting while growing up in North Carolina.

Only fourteen-years-old when he began leading worship, Cory progressed into full-time worship ministry in 2005, at the International House of Prayer in Kansas City. That’s where he met his wife, Anna.

In addition to countless worship sets spent in the prayer room there, Cory’s eight-year sojourn at IHOP-KC took him throughout the US, and abroad, for worship gatherings. Passionate about helping men and women encounter the love of the Father, Cory continues to lead worship regionally and internationally. He’s contributed to numerous albums including Reckless Love which features the song, “Reckless Love.” Reflecting on his own experience with God’s love, Cory says…
“I know that the Lord encountered me, in a powerful way, related to His love and that He sees me. He wants me. He wants me to talk to Him.” God’s love is something he gets great joy out of sharing, “And so, when I see people feeling that same thing and getting that absolute revelation of the love of God, that’s my favorite part of leading worship.”
In December 2016, Cory, Anna and their three children: Gabriel, Lily, and River moved to Kalamazoo, Michigan to join Radiant Church where he serves as Worship Pastor.