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July 11
Q: This will happen to about 20% of all drivers today.
A: Low fuel light comes on.

July 13
Q: 29% of adults use their kids as an excuse to buy this for themselves.
A: Chocolate milk

July 14
Q: They probably won’t admit it, but one in 8 men done this in the last month…
A: Shaved their legs

July 15
Q: According to a new survey, 21% of people admit to doing this at a restaurant..
A: Stole toilet paper from the bathroom.

July 18
Q: When it comes to our morning routine, 13% of us do this.
A: Lay out our clothes  the night before.

July 19
Q: Over 2 million Americans have a picture of this on their phones…
A: A rainbow.

July 20
Q: Average people do this around 40 times each summer.
A: Eat ice cream

July 21
Q: 34% of people say this is the biggest job deal-breaker…
A: A long commute.

July 26
Q: 25% of people will miss this up to 3 times per week ….
A: Breakfast

July 27
Q: This is the most borrowed item:
A: Book

July 28
Q: Most of us will use this at the dinner table.
A: Paper plates

July 29
Q: When it comes to our health, 71% of us have no idea about these important levels.
A: Cholesterol

August 9
Q: This happens to workers more often on a Tuesday than any other day of the week.
A: Late for work.