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May 2
Q: 85% of people cringe at the sound of this….
A: The sound of their own voice.

May 3
Q: Which cuddly animal has fingerprints that are identical to that of humans?
A: Koala Bear

May 4
Q: What is the most shoplifted food in the world?
A: Cheese

May 5
Q: What is a common feature of all US States?
A: Area Code

May 6
Q: Owning one of these can lower your blood pressure, boost happiness, and improve your overall health.
A: A pet

May 9
Q: Only one-fifth of the planet’s _____ have been named.
A: Insects

Eating this really does significantly reduce emotional pain…
A: Ice Cream

May 12
Q: This is proven to reduce stress, increase empathy and boost creativity… (hint: it also makes you smarter).
A: Reading