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March 11-15  Beyond Measure Market

March 18-22  Beyond Measure Market

March 25-26  University Hospitals in Ashland

March 27-28  Bay Lobsters

April 1-5  Bay Lobsters

April 8-12  Pinkleton Pullaside Podcast

April 15-19  A Pinch Of Salt Podcast


April 2
Q: Only 1 out of 11 people who play this instrument actually took lessons…
A: Harmonica

April 3
Q: 27% of people say they eat this every single day.
A: Candy

April 4
Q: 21% of us wish we could take our pets with us here…
A: on dates

April 5
Q: 37% of us say this is the worst part of the morning commute
A: Waiting at stoplights when no one is coming

April 9
Q: More than 10% of us say this is the best food invention ever.
A: Chocolate

April 10
Q: The average American spends 1,000 hours here every year.
A: In the kitchen

April 11
Q: Most of us started doing this after turning 40.
A: Taking Vitamins

April 12
Q: 3% of us would be OK if this went away.
A: The internet

April 16
Q: The average person will go through 35,000 of these in a lifetime.
A: Cookies

April 17
Q: 25% of people do not like this sound
A: The sound of birds

April 18
Q: More than 23% of Americans are thinking about this right now.
A: Quitting their job

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