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March 1
Q: Experts claim that the top 2 foods that even the pickiest of eaters will still eat are French fries and ….
A: Mac & Cheese

March 2
Q: The average person learned how to do this at age 8.
A: Swim

March 3
Q: The average person has 725 of these friends on FB.
A: Contacts on phone

March 6
Q: Parents say no to their kids almost 2 dozen times each day on (average) This is the #! thing they say no to….
A: Staying up late

March 7
Q: 44% of people follow the rule when it comes to food …(it’s not a “real” rule)
A: 5 second rule

March 8
Q: 40% of people say they are more productive when their working environment has this?
A: Plants

March 9
Q: 38% of moms say this is the thing they look least forward to at the end of the day?
A: Doing dishes

March 10
Q: 1:5 people admit to doing this in someone else’s bathroom.
A: Changing the direction of the toilet paper.

March 13
Q: 40% of people admit they cut their vacation short because of this..
A: They want to beat traffic.

March 14
Q: According to a survey of travelers, when traveling by plane, the worst thing a fellow passenger could do is ___
A: Take off socks

March 15
Q: Some breakfast foods are overrated…Avocado toast #1, what’s #3?
A: Bacon

March 16
Q: 1 out of 10 people admit to eating this for breakfast..
A: Ice Cream

March 17
Q: On average, we have 3 of these but probably only use 2.
A: Emails

March 20
Q: You are likely to do this at 6pm than any other time during the day…be specific.
A: Oder food for delivery

March 21
Q: 4.5% of Americans over the age of 85 still have one of these.
A: A job

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