Thanksgiving Special with Carter Conlon

An Old Reason For A New Thankfulness

Carter Conlon from Times Square Church
25 minutes long

Let’s be real, it can be difficult to give thanks when you’re afraid.  Too often people looking to pacify their fears and frustrations turn to substance abuse or forms of religion that have no power to set the captive free.  Join Carter as he takes us back into Egypt in the book of Exodus chapter 12, during a time where the judgment of God had fallen on a nation, but also a promise that He would take them out.

In the midst of that particular time and the perilous times we live in today, how can we keep a thankful and grateful heart?  In this Thanksgiving special, Carter encourages us to shift our focus from the problem to the victory of Christ.  Reminding us of the goodness of God and how He continues to be faithful.  Join with us and discover an old reason for a new thankfulness.